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Cheering for Your Success

We’re a dedicated team of professionals. And we’re behind you all the way.

At Nicki K Media, we share our expertise so you can learn to create the life you want. You’re in the driver’s seat – we provide the map.

  • We Believe that learning is just the beginning. We support you as you get ready to take action.
  • We Value choice and freedom. You get to shape a career and life that you’ll love.
  • We Empower you to build your future. Your success is our reward!
About NKM
about Nicki K Media

Real-life experience is at the heart of what we do.

Our founder, Nicki, used trial-and-error to build her own freelance career. That’s the hard way. After years of ironing out the wrinkles, she founded Filthy Rich Writer to guide others on their own, smoother paths. As part of that project, she created her first course in 2012 – the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy – to teach the skills and steps you need to make a career out of copywriting.

Nicki now leads a hugely talented team that continues to design courses and content crafted with one goal in mind: To provide you with opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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